Australian Paediatric Society


Membership 2102
The membership of the Society consists of “ordinary members” comprising:

  • Regional Paediatricians who are Fellows of the RACP;
  • General Paediatricians who are Fellows of the RACP and have shared interests with regional paediatricians

Currently there are over 220 members across Australia.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on those persons who are not eligible for ordinary membership of the Society but who have been deemed to have made a significant contribution to paediatrics and child health.

Life membership may be conferred to any member for distinguished service to the Society or its previous forms as the Regional Paediatricians Group or the Regional and General Paediatric Society. In 2012, Peter Vine (Albury) and Peter Eastaugh (Shepparton) became the first inaugural life members of the APS because of their significant contribution to rural child health and the Society over the past 30 years.